Netflix Movies Starring Alice Sapritch

Alice Sapritch was unattractive and she knew it for a fact. She nevertheless decided to become an actress, aware that she would never be the love interest of the handsome hero or play the blushing ingénue. That's the reason why she set about emphasizing her lack of glamor instead of concealing it. In these conditions, two main categories were available to her, either obnoxious monsters (Folcoche in TV made 'Vipère au poing') or foolish eccentrics (the crazy actress in 'L'événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la lune'). In 1971, with 'La folie des grandeurs', Gérard Oury gave her the opportunity to combine monstrosity and ridicule in a single character, the duenna of the Queen of Spain who, although as ugly as sin, indulges in what may well be the most comical striptease ever filmed. Read more on iMDB