Netflix Movies Starring Akira Terao

Akira Terao is the son of the famous actor Jukichi Uno. After graduating from Bunka Gakuin University, he formed a rock band "The Savage" which experienced brief success thanks to their hit 'Itsumademo, Itsumademo'. In 1967, Kei Kuma hired him to play alongside his father in his film 'Tunnel of Kurobe'. Terao then signed a contract with Ishihara Productions for which he appeared in several films. Akira Kurosawa chose him to play in two of his films, 'Ran' (1985) and mainly, as Kurosawa himself, in 'Dreams' (1990). On the other hand Terao continues to write and sing songs and his song 'Ruby no Yubiwa' was awarded the 'Record Taisho' prize for 1986. He also regularly works for television, notably for Ishihara TV Productions. Read more on iMDB