Netflix Movies Starring Adriana Altaras

Adriana Altaras was born in Zagreb (Croatia) and grew up in Italy and Germany. After graduating from High School she studied at Berlin's Academy of Dramatic Arts. She completed her studies at the New York University. Adriana Altaras is co-founder of Berlin's most important off-theater, the Theater zum West lichen Stadthirschen, where she worked as actress, director, and author for several years. Her performances include 'Der Frosch' (Achternbusch), 'Die Nächte der Cabiria' (after Fellini), 'Clara S.' (Jelinek), 'Sommernachtstraum' (Shakespeare), the original performance of Matthias Zschokke's 'Elefanten können nicht' and the first German performance of Leona Carrington's 'Penelope'. Further, Ms. Altaras played at the Maxim-Gorki-Theater and the Freie Volksbühne in Berlin, and at the city theaters in Basel, Constance, and Stuttgart. She wrote a solo piece, 'Jonteff', that she performed in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Brazil. Read more on iMDB