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An officially "dead" cop is trained to become an extraordinarily unique assassin in service of the US president.

A cop who answers a call is ambushed. The next day he is buried. But in reality he is in a hospital and his appearance has been altered. He is then told by a man named McCleary that he now belongs to "them". "Them" being CURE an organization whose job is to battle corruption. They give him the new name of Remo Williams. He then meets the head of CURE Harold Smith, who spends most of his time sitting in front of a copmuter and perusing over reports of individuals that have to be dealt with. They then give him to Chiun, a Shinanju master, which is the art of killing someone and making it seem like an accident or natural causes. Chiun's regimen is hard on him. Smith then discovers a man named Grove, who is a defense contractor. It seems that whenever there's a case against him, the key witnesses and investigators disappear. Currently a military investigator is pursuing him about his new project which for some reason, he is tight lipped about. Smith sends McCleary and Remo to help her but Grove discovers them and wanting to know about them decides to stir things up. He sends some people to take Remo out but he outwits them. And when he tells Smith about it, Smith doesn't care who then tells him that unless they have more evidence against Grove they can't do anything and if they are about to be exposed, they have to disappear. And while Smith and McCleary have made arrangements for their demise, Remo is told that Chiun will take him out. So he and McCleary have to get the evidence they need.


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