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A neurotic film critic obsessed with the movie Casablanca (1942) attempts to get over his wife leaving him by dating again with the help of a married couple and his illusory idol, Humphrey Bogart.

  • Herbert Ross
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Rollins-Joffe Productions
  • APJAC Productions
San Francisco. After two years of marriage, Nancy Felix files for divorce from her nebbish movie journalist and film buff husband, Allan Felix. Allan receives support from his friends, married couple Dick and Linda Christie, to reenter the dating pool, they who set him up on a series of blind dates, the four of them often double dating. Dick fits in his support for Allan while he is preoccupied with a business deal, whereas Linda's support is tinged with her own self neuroses. Non-confident with himself as a man because of Nancy's action, Allan turns to the spirit of one of his movie idols for advice on how to proceed on his dates: Humphrey Bogart, most specifically his portrayal of Rick Blaine in Casablanca (1942). In wanting those dates to work, Allan tries to be like his version of Bogey, which is no where close to who he really is as a person. The constant as Allan is going through this dating process is Linda, with who he can show his true colors. In the process, Allan falls in love with Linda, and he hopes she with him in return. Still turning to Bogey, Allan has to decide if he will risk a move on Linda, in the process potentially losing both Dick and Linda as friends.


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