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Matt is an elite ex-cop whose life has gone down hill since he was kicked off the Force. After a rough encounter with a mysterious henchman, Matt is brought face to face with his only ...

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, Matt Conner is an ex-cop whose life has gone downhill since he was kicked off the Bridgeport police force after being accused of stealing some money from the evidence storage locker. Matt is trying to be a father to his daughter Becky, who seems to be about 10 or 11-years-old, and he's been trying to hide his money problems and alcohol problem from her. Every so often Matt goes to a catholic church to talk to Father Joe Maloney, who is a friend of his. Matt's been struggling with a debilitating gambling problem and a debt that totals more than $1,000,000. After losing a lot of money one night at a local poker game, an angry Matt is approached by a man named Blue, who takes Matt to meet with a mysterious old man. The Old Man informs Matt that he has bought out all of Matt's gambling debt markers. The Old Man offers to wipe Matt's debt clean in exchange for a few "favors." All Matt has to do is hunt down and kill the city's biggest gangsters, those that the police can't touch. Matt thinks something isn't right, and with the help of his ex-wife Liz's husband, police Lt. Steve Shacter, Matt begins to investigate Blue while fighting his alcoholism, getting visits from Becky, and doing the first two jobs -- taking out major local gangsters Bruno and Ling. Complicating matters is a shifty alliance with the Old Man, Blue, and their associate, Andrea "Drea" Smalls, whom Matt sleeps with. And then the Old Man gives Matt his next assignment -- to kill Steve. It turns out that Steve is the leader of a group of corrupt cops who had been working with Bruno and Ling. It was Steve who stole the money that Matt was accused of stealing, and then Steve killed Matt's partner before Matt was thrown off the force. Now, Steve goes to the church and brutally kills Father Maloney, and Matt vows to kill the man who killed Father Maloney. Matt figures out that it was Steve. Steve kidnaps Becky, and Matt puts his life on the line to rescue her.


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