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In 1950s Texas, a woman trying to recover sexy photos of herself and divorce her husband witnesses a murder and uncovers corrupt land dealings.

Austin, Texas, 1954. Beauty salon employee Nadine Hightower is going through a rough patch in her life. She and her husband Vernon Hightower are in the process of a messy divorce, he a broke, swindling son-of-a-gun who owns the Blue Bonnet, a bar in arguably the worst neighborhood in Austin, and thus which has no business. He's dating the Pecan Queen, Renée Lomax, the two who plan to get married once the divorce is final. Nadine's pregnant with Vernon's baby, about which she has not told him. She posed for some "art" photos for sleazy photographer Raymond Escobar, which he promised to send to Hugh M. Hefner so that she could become famous, but for which she now regrets posing regardless. Going to Escobar's studio to retrieve the photos, she is hidden in a back room when Escobar, dealing with other business in the front, is murdered, with the murderers unaware that she is there. She is able to find and steal the file folder with her name on it, and get out of the studio undetected, but her photos end up not being in the folder. Without telling him the full story, she enlists Vernon's help in getting her photos back. In the process of their unsuccessful attempt, Vernon finds what Nadine did originally steal: plans for a new yet unannounced state highway. Vernon wants to make a quick and lucrative buck off the plans to make the Blue Bonnet a success. Vernon and Nadine eventually learn that crooked developer Buford Pope bought the plans from Escobar, who double crossed him, Pope who now knows they have the plans as he has Nadine's photos. Vernon and Nadine have to figure out how to elude Pope and his men, their lives potentially on the line. However, they may come to other conclusions about their life in the process.


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