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  • A single father has a fractious relationship with his rebellious teenage daughter. When a lost letter written to the daughter from her dying mother is miraculously found, everything starts to turn around.

  • Twelve years ago, Libby Johnson passed away from cancer, she leaving behind a loving husband and four year old daughter, architect Connor Johnson and Zoe Johnson, who had a strong network of friends to get them through the difficult time. The last few years, Connor and now sixteen year old Zoe have experienced problems in their father/daughter relationship in what could be seen purely as her teenage rebellion. Zoe has started dating a senior, Liam - her first serious boyfriend - the two who have no intention of introducing him to Connor, despite Connor knowing of him. In her new tough girl image, Zoe has abandoned especially her childhood friends, who she now considers goody-goody churchers. There is a mutual dislike between Zoe and Connor's current girlfriend, Rachel Laramer. While Zoe is more open in that feeling, Rachel directs her frustration at what she sees as Zoe controlling Connor's life, especially in she knowing of Zoe's objection to her moving in without Zoe even needing to say anything about its possibility. In turn, Connor, not knowing how to be that mother that Libby would have been, doesn't know how to connect with Zoe, with Rachel not the appropriate surrogate especially in this circumstance. Just as Connor feels at a total loss of what to do, he remembers something that Libby had left for him to give to Zoe at the appropriate time in her life, this arguably that time to help them through their current troubles. The problem is that Connor cannot remember where he had left that item. Meanwhile, bookstore owner Maggie Malone, feeling at a low point in her own life having just come out of a long term relationship, comes across a letter tucked inside a donated children's book. After reading the letter, Maggie, with only scant information as to the person, believes that getting the letter to its intended recipient will end up changing her life, and thus makes it her current mission.


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