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  • Gisaburô Sugii
  • Lupin comes into the possession of half a diamond containing half a map, and goes in search of the other half so that he can obtain the map's treasure.

  • Internationally famous thief, Arsene Lupin the Third, receives half of the large diamond known as Twilight from old crimeboss Doruune. Doruune tells him that if he finds the other half of the diamond in Morocco, they will lead him to treasure. Lupin and his gang (Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, and Fujiko Mine) head to Morocco, but get caught up in the middle of a conflict between the government and Gelt rebels. Both sides want Lupin, but no one wants him more than his 'old friend' Interpol Inspector Kouichi Zenigata, who has pursued him to Morocco...

  • Dolune, an old french thief who taught Lupin the basics of thievery has given Lupin a favor for fulfill. He gives him a half diamond called "Twilight Gemini" and wants Lupin to travel to Morocco to unlock the treasure of the Geltic Tribe. Dolune is in no condition to do it himself being in a dying state. Lupin heads out to Morocco to fulfill Dolune's favor. But is hunted down by Sadachiyo, a transvestite villain and a group of Assassins. And a French interpol Commissioner, Jean Pierre guides Zenigata to Morocco, who is looking forward in having Lupin taken in by hand. Eventually Lupin teams up with Lara, the young and beautiful leader of the Geltic Tribe, who fights with her people who been exiled from their homeland for a century. Along with some help with Jigen, Fujiko, and Goemon(who has a score to settle with Sadachiyo). The search is on for the other half of the Twilight Gemini and the Geltic Treasure itself.

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