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In London for his daughter's wedding, a rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a new woman in his life.

Harvey Shine's life is in shambles, but he doesn't realize exactly how bad it is until the weekend of his daughter Susan's wedding. His dream job would have been to be a jazz pianist, but realizing he was not talented enough settled into working as a New York based commercial jingle writer. As Harvey is about to head off to London for the wedding, Marvin, Harvey's boss, roundaboutly implies that he has one last chance to modernize his work for the digital age or else be out of a job. And once in London, Harvey, although long ago feeling like his ex-wife Jean and her second husband Brian took over the parenting of Susan, understands that he truly is an inconsequential part of Susan's life now, in large part his own fault. Similarly, single Kate Walker leads an unhappy life. She works as a survey interviewer for the British Airport Authority at Heathrow Airport. She is unable to transfer her professional PR skills to her social life, where she only knows how to push men away rather than engage them. Kate's mother, Maggie, has far too much time on her hands, telephoning Kate several times a day, in her concern both in believing her new Polish neighbor is some crazed criminal, and in Kate's single status, not understanding, in the words of Kate's colleague and friend, Oonagh, that the telephone calls are more effective as a contraceptive for Kate. As Harvey reaches what is probably the lowest point in his time in London, he encounters Kate for the second time. On his initiative, they both decide to take a chance on the other in making a connection. They will have a lot of emotional baggage to get through in the other to make that connection truly meaningful beyond Harvey's short scheduled stay in London.


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