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Jeffrey, a young gay man in New York, decides that sex is too much and decided to become celibate. He immediately meets the man of his dreams and must decide whether or not love is worth ...

Jeffrey, a single gay Manhattan-based actor/waiter, loves sex. But the AIDS scare has made sex less fun in his multiple sex partner universe. As such, he decides to become celibate, believing that all his excess energy will be directed at other just as important aspects of his life, like his career. His interior decorator friend Sterling believes what Jeffrey needs instead is a boyfriend and a life of monogamy to take the AIDS scare out of his life, much like Sterling himself has done with his life partner relationship with chorus boy, Darius, who, although, is HIV+. But partly in viewing Sterling and Darius' lives, Jeffrey realizes that even more fearful to him than contracting AIDS is being in a relationship with someone with AIDS with who he may fall in love only to have that person die on him. After Jeffrey makes this celibacy decision, he meets who would have been his next Mr. Right Now if not *the* Mr. Right in the form of Steve, who, in turn, sees Jeffrey as potential boyfriend material. What makes Jeffrey's decision about what to do about Steve is the fact that Steve too is HIV+. Partly in light of Steve, Jeffrey has to view critically his decision and how he will lead a fulfilling life as a gay man. In addition from Sterling and Darius, Jeffrey gets some professional and non-professional advice along the way.


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