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  • What is a human life worth? How is it possible that a woman like Agnes could agree to kill another human being? Is it the money? Or are there other forces at play? A funeral. A young widow and two adult children. Agnes is burying her much older husband and the children are his, not hers. Agnes senses that someone is watching her and glimpses a woman roughly her own age standing nearby. Within seconds, the woman is gone. They were once very close, Agnes and Henny. A friendship both rewarding and demanding, which ended in disaster. Now Henny seeks reconciliation. But Agnes seems cautious. Agnes is completely thrown by Henny's proposal. Henny is married to Peter, and asks Agnes to help her murder him. She's prepared to pay good money and also to let Agnes choose the manner in which Peter is to die. Agnes realizes that the past has caught up with her and that she has no choice. What really happened between Agnes and Henny in Bruges all those years ago? How could it be that two people who enjoyed one another's company so much, could end up hurting each other so badly? They, who had loved each other so much.

  • Agnes and Henny, a college literature professor and once aspiring actress respectively, were once the closest of friends, they practically inseparable for a year in their young adulthood, until they had a falling out. They have not seen each other in over ten years, not knowing the intimate details of the other's present life, until they see each other from afar at the funeral of Agnes' husband, Erich Neuman-Hansen, who passed after suffering from leukemia. Henny's presence at the funeral is not by chance as she is seemingly aware of Agnes' predicament following Erich's passing. He has left half his estate to her, and half to his young adult stepchildren, Thomas and Carla, that estate including her and Erich's house, long having been in the Neuman-Hansen family, whereas Agnes thought the house would be placed in trust under her name. Thomas, never having trusted Agnes, has convinced Carla to take their half share now, meaning that they as a collective will have to sell the property as Agnes does not have the funds to buy out her stepchildren. Wealthy Henny's proposition to her old friend, the idea from the old movie Strangers on a Train (1951): Agnes is to kill Henny's self-absorbed husband, Peter Grossman, a theater producer, while Henny, in return, would provide Agnes with the necessary funds, no matter the amount, for her to buy Thomas and Carla's half to allow her to stay in the house. Despite the reasons beyond no longer loving Peter in wanting him dead, Henny has been unable to pull the proverbial trigger herself. The primary question then becomes if there are underlying motivations for Henny asking Agnes to kill Peter or Agnes' decision on the matter that may relate to the reason for their falling out over ten years ago.


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