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  • Michael Powell
  • Emeric Pressburger
  • Production Company
  • The Archers
  • A young Englishwoman goes to the Hebrides to marry her older, wealthier fiancé. When the weather keeps them separated on different islands, she begins to have second thoughts.

  • Joan Webster is an ambitious and stubborn middle-class English woman determined to move forward since her childhood. She meets her father in a fancy restaurant to tell him that she will marry the wealthy middle-aged industrial Robert Bellinger in Kiloran island, in the Hebrides Islands, Scotland. She travels from Manchester to the island of Mull, where she stays trapped due to the windy weather. Whilst on the island, she meets Torquil McNeil and as the days go by they fall in love with each other.

  • From a middle class background, twenty-five year old Joan Webster has always known what she has wanted and has taken steps to achieve that. Primary is wanting to have the finer things in life, and as such she has accepted the marriage proposal of wealthy and much older Sir Robert Bellinger, the owner of Consolidated Chemical Industries, the company where she works, so that she can have money to get those things without worry. They will be getting married in the Hebrides on the Isle of Kiloran, which Sir Robert owns and where he already is. The trek to Kiloran from her home in Manchester gives her a taste of her future where all her needs are taken care of every step along the way. That trek hits a delay on the last leg as one weather related issue after another prevents any boat from sailing between Port Erraig on the Isle of Mull to Kiloran. Another person who is trying to get to Kiloran is thirty-three year old Torquil MacNeil, a navy man going home on an eight-day leave. While waiting to get to Kiloran, Torquil and Joan spend time together at the hotel in Tobermoray, the closest actual town to Port Erraig a forty minute drive away, or with Torquil's longtime friend, Catriona Potts née MacLean, who owns a house in Port Erraig while they wait for any actual news of the waters being navigable. Joan learns that Torquil is the actual laird of Kiloran, not Sir Robert who only rented the island for the wedding, but unlike Sir Robert who has money, Torquil is cash poor like most of the residents of the area, who nonetheless seem happy. The longer Joan and Torquil spend together waiting, the more Joan can see her lifelong dream slipping away from her, she who will do anything to achieve that dream... unless she comes to the true realization that she has a new, different dream, which is well within her grasp.

  • Young middle-class Englishwoman Joan Webster is determined to have the finer things in life, and to that end she plans to marry Sir Robert Bellinger, a wealthy, middle-aged industrialist whom she does not love. En route to the Island of Killoran (mythical), where her future husband resides, Joan is stranded on the nearby island of Mull. Inclement weather keeps her grounded for a week, during which time she falls in love with young, insouciant naval officer Torquil McNeil. Ignoring the dictates of her heart (not to mention common sense), Joan stubbornly insists upon heading out to sea towards her marriage of convenience, but the exigencies of Mother Nature finally convince her that her future resides on Mull.


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