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When their best friends announce that they're separating, a professor and his wife discover the faults in their own marriage.

Married New York couples Gabe and Judy, and Jack and Sally are best friends. Just before they are about to go out for one of their regular evenings together, Jack and Sally casually tell Gabe and Judy that they have decided to separate. The casual nature of the announcement is not to make the news a big deal, as Jack and Sally are and will remain friends. Regardless, the news comes out of left field for Gabe and Judy, who always believed Jack and Sally were as happy as they are... or believe they are. The four continue on with their lives as friends with Jack "moving on" from Sally, Sally trying to find someone to date in retaliation while not emotionally ready to move on from Jack, Judy trying to set Sally up with who she believes is the perfect man, and Gabe continuing his work as an English professor. In the process, they all will come to some realizations about the state of their romantic lives, with outwardly passive Judy the one who always manipulates the situation usually to get what she wants.


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