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A British writer struggles to fit in at a high-profile magazine in New York City.

Brit Sidney Young has always adored the notion of celebrity. When he was young, he believed that celebrities lived together in Shangri-la. He wants to be part of that world and live in Shangri-la himself. In running Post Modern Review, his own independent alternative magazine on pop culture, he is on the outside looking in on the celebrity world. He thinks that his life has changed when Clayton Harding, editor-in-chief of Sharp's magazine based in New York, hires him based on his work at Post Modern. Sidney, who is a little rough around the edges and not as refined as those who hobnob in the world of celebrity, is a fish out of water as he tries to prove himself to "Clay". Sidney both wants to be part of that celebrity world, but doesn't want to play by "the rules", especially in dealing with publicist, Eleanor Johnson. While Sidney wants to get close to Eleanor's rising new star, Sophie Maes, in every aspect, including be her boyfriend, he wants to skewer Eleanor's other wunderkind client, director Victor Lepak. In addition, Sidney finds that the internal world at Sharp's is cutthroat, as most of his colleagues, who believe he is a loser, won't give him the time of day, while his boss, Lawrence Maddox, will do whatever is required to advance his own career at anyone else's expense, including Sidney's. Despite their antagonistic first meeting and their continued antagonistic working relationship, Sidney's colleague, Alison Olsen, helps him navigate his way through the world at Sharp's. Alison may ultimately show Sidney what is truly important in his life.


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