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  • Marco Petry
  • Production Companies
  • Senator Film Köln
  • Senator Film Produktion
  • Tempest Film Produktion Und Verleih

Lilith is the Devil's teenage daughter. When she is bored with life in hell, her father sends her to Earth where she has one week to convert the people there to evil. If she doesn't make any converts, she will have to return and work in book keeping back home in hell. Lilith sets out on her mission full of enthusiasm and befriends the girl Greta. But her task proves more complicated than anticipated. And when the girl from hell discovers love, that really throws a spanner in the works.knit dressvocal groupsinging in a carsinging on a truckfarmers market141 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresComedyFamilyFantasyRomanceParents guideAdd content advisory

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