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On the H.M.S. Defiant, during the French Revolutionary Wars, fair Captain Crawford is locked in a battle of wills against his cruel second-in-command Lt. Scott-Paget whose heavy-handed command style pushes the crew to mutiny.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Captain Crawford takes command of HMS Defiant and is ordered to rendezvous with the fleet in Corsica. With his son aboard as a new midshipman, Capt. Crawford takes an even hand with his crew. This does not sit well with his second-in-command Lt. Scott-Paget, a cruel officer who is also well connected and someone who has proven to be the downfall of his previous commanding officers. As a battle of wills ensues, Scott-Paget uses Crawford's son in an attempt to get the Captain to lash out against him. With the men on the verge of mutiny, they must also face the enemy.


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