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Go! tells the story of the events after a drug deal, told from three different points of view.

Three intertwined stories covering twenty-four hours, each starting at a Los Angeles supermarket on Christmas Eve, are told. In "Ronna", Ronna is a clerk at the supermarket working her third shift in a row as she needs to come up with rent money by tomorrow or be evicted from her apartment. At the check-out, she is approached by two young men looking for another cashier, "the British guy", who is their drug dealer. They want twenty hits of E for a party that evening. As the British guy Simon is away, Ronna seizes upon what she sees as an opportunity to raise her rent money by being their dealer for the day. She decides to go to Simon's regular supplier, Todd, for the drugs. The drug deals don't go quite as Ronna plans, the resulting incidents which are not helped by Ronna's friend, fellow supermarket employee Mannie, and which threaten their lives and that of their other friend, another cashier named Claire. In "Simon", Simon is on his first ever trip to Las Vegas with his friends Marcus, Tiny and Singh. Due to circumstances, Simon and the more worldly Marcus end up spending their first evening out on the town together. What happens to them is largely the result of Simon's over-exuberance combined with Simon losing his wallet for a period of time, Marcus' yellow blazer causing some confusion, and Simon overusing a gift he received prior to leaving Los Angeles. In "Adam & Zack", the two men who approached Ronna in the supermarket end up being, unknown to her, soap opera actors. Adam and Zack end up spending much of their evening with Burke, an undercover police detective who has them on a minor drug rap, and who will sign off on their rap in exchange for some help in nabbing a bigger fish in the drug trade. Burke ends up inviting Adam and Zack to "Christmas dinner" at his house with his wife, Irene. Adam and Zack, each who is facing a relationship problem with his respective partner, feel vulnerable in Burke and Irene's house, the actors who believe Burke has an ulterior motive in wanting to spend extended private time with them, and will hold his wants over their heads for their freedom. These three stories come full circle in that they conclude with some connection to the other two.


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