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What do you do when suddenly in your mid twenties you realise that your life has become a routine which consists of a monotonous nine to five job on weekdays and equally predictable Friday night parties?

Two young couples - Peter and his girlfriend Lara and Andrej and his girlfriend Sara, who could be living in any of the European cities, come to a realisation that they do not want their lives to continue in the same direction. Will they find enough strength within themselves to radically change their lives and at what cost? They make the first step toward changing their lives by investing all of their inherited money, but when they want to collect it they realise that the bank manager swindled them. In despair they decide to rob a bank and get their money back with interests. Things never go as planned and our four amateur robbers suddenly find themselves in the bank with hostages with the police and a hostage negotiator surrounding the bank. Has the desire for better life brought our friends into a dead end? Will they come out of it alive? Perhaps, but remember that things are rarely what they seem.


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