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Drake and Josh mistakenly send Megan on the wrong plane to L.A. so they follow her and get caught in something bigger than they expected.

Drake and Josh are brothers that are left alone while their parents go to a ten-day cruise. They have to get their sister (Megan) to Denver. While they are at the airport they order a ticket to Denver but put her in a plane to L.A. They follow her to L.A and try to find her. Megan asks a limo to drop her off at the greatest hotel in the world. Drake and Josh ask people if they saw a little girl. A man says," at the finest hotel." At the hotel Josh goes to the bathroom and sees the director of TRL. The director is troubled because he doesn't have another band to play in TRL. Josh pushes a laptop under the stall while the director was talking on the phone and the director sees Drakes band play and gives them a music gig. But the people that told Drake and Josh where Meagan was are up to something illegal and it's up to Drake and Josh to stop them. Will Drake and Josh find Megan, go to TRL and stop the bad guys in time???!


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