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The story of a woman who loves her dog more than her husband. And then her husband loses the dog.

  • Lawrence Kasdan
  • Werc Werk Works
  • Kasdan Pictures
  • Likely Story
In the process of overly emotional Beth Winter adopting a dog she finds abandoned at the side of the highway - the dog which her back surgeon husband Dr. Joseph Winter does not want - their unmarried daughter Grace Winter finds the man who will end up being her husband, veterinarian Dr. Sam Boola. Following Grace and Sam's wedding at her parent's rustic Rockie Mountain cabin after all the other guests have departed, Beth, Joseph, the dog, who Beth has named Freeway, Joseph's divorced sister Penny Alexander, her son, Joseph's surgeon colleague Dr. Bryan Alexander, and Penny's new boyfriend Russell (who Joseph, Beth and Bryan do not like as being unfocused and thus potentially a freeloader), decide to stay for a few extra days as a respite. While Joseph takes Freeway out for a walk in the woods, Joseph, largely out of his own carelessness due to his self-absorbed nature, loses the dog. The five of them plus their part Romani caretaker Carmen, who has a spiritual gift, mount a search for Freeway. Freeway becomes a symbol of the problems in Joseph and Beth's relationship. But in their concentrated time together, the five of them, with some help by Carmen, come to new understandings of their relationships.


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