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Hunter and Lorenzo are two overeducated slackers working the final shift at a closing small-town movie theater; The Royal Alamo Cineplex. Over the course of their last night, they argue about movies, piss off customers, and re-discover the beauty of movie theaters. Hunter is like the priest of the theater and the concessions stand is his altar, where customers get to hear his rambling sermons, crossing swords with anyone artless enough to miss the patronizing offensiveness of Forrest Gump or the blatant anti-semitism of George Lucas. But Hunter is at a crossroads. He's grown bitter about his place in life and the cards he's been dealt. This causes him to reflect seriously on his life choices and contemplate what the future could hold.Plot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesOne Last Night at the Movies...GenresShortComedyParents guideAdd content advisory


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