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An obsessively punctual comprehensive school headmaster sets out to give an important speech at the annual Headmasters' Conference.

A fastidious time-keeper headmaster Brian Stimpson allows plenty of time for his train journey to a heads' conference but unfortunately gets on the wrong train and misses his connection, as a result commandeering a car driven by sixth former Laura to take him there. They are pursued by Stimpson's wife Gwenda who, whilst taking three old ladies out for a drive, is mystified at seeing her husband with a young girl and gives suspicious chase. On the way Stimpson encounters old flame Pat, who is also dragged into helping him beat his deadline but when the car is destroyed he and Laura have to rob a salesman of his vehicle. Stimpson eventually arrives at the conference in a bedraggled state, followed by his wife and her charges and the police, who arrest him for car theft.


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