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Misadventures of four groups of guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, classically trained British actress Diana Barrie and her antiques dealer husband Sidney Cochran are in town to attend the Oscar ceremony as Diana has been nominated for her first ever Best Actress Oscar for what she considers a comic trifle of a movie. Beyond Diana dealing with nerves in the lead up to the ceremony, Diana and Sidney confront the "elephant in the room" issue affecting their marriage, that elephant about which they rarely speak. A marriage long past is that of Bill and Hannah Warren, who divorced nine years ago. New York based Hannah is staying at the hotel to meet with Los Angeles based screenwriter Bill, as their seventeen year old daughter Jenny, of who Hannah has primary custody, had earlier run off on her own volition to live with Bill until she becomes of age next year and heads off to college. Their discussion about what to do about Jenny highlights the fundamental differences in temperament between the two, with uptight intellectual Hannah abhorring the vacuous California lifestyle, which is now epitomized by Bill. A marriage more on solid ground is that of Philadelphia based Marvin and Millie Michaels, who are in town to attend the bar mitzvah of their nephew, the son of Marvin's sex obsessed brother, Harry. Marvin has arrived at the hotel a day earlier than Millie. But their marriage may be in trouble if Millie, upon her arrival, discovers what Marvin is hiding in his bed. And a lost reservation and a full hotel the result of the Oscars is only the latest problem facing traveling companions, couples Dr. & Mrs. Chauncey Gump, and Dr. & Mrs. Willis Panama. Chauncey and Willis are increasingly at odds with each other on this, their driving vacation, which is exacerbated by what is turning out to be Murphy's Law seemingly at every move that they make.


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