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A travel writer (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes control of her father's wedding magazine finds the new experience might just change her take on love.

  • Nisha Ganatra
  • Cake Productions Inc.
  • First Look International
  • New Real Films
The carefree life of twenty-nine year old freelance travel writer Pippa McGee, who lives solely for the moment especially when it comes to sex, changes when on a stop home, her father, publisher Malcolm McGee, suffers a heart attack. As one of his magazine editors has just quit, Pippa, who has had a strained relationship with her father since her mother's death when she was young, volunteers to fill in as said editor until he is back on his feet and can hire someone on a permanent basis. A self-professed slut who is anti-commitment, Pippa is horrified to learn the magazine in question is Wedding Bells, the bridal magazine founded by her mother. Beyond being a fish out of water, Pippa learns that the magazine is in trouble and needs to turn itself around to survive. Pippa has to decide whether to run the magazine on her own sensibilities, or tow the line and stick to the status quo. In addition to her staff, along for the ride are freelance photographer Hemingway Jones, who has much the same sense of sexual freedom as Pippa, the two who embark on a casual relationship, and Ian Grey, Malcolm's primary vice-president, who Pippa sees as coming out of the same mold as her father. But as Pippa learns more about the entire picture of her father's company - all this news which she receives second hand as she and her father do not communicate with each other - and as Pippa progresses from one edition of the magazine to another learning along the way, Pippa may come to a clearer understanding of what she wants for and from the magazine. Another issue is her personal life, which may change if a potential Mr. Right, and not just a Mr. Right Now, enters her life.


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