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In Iowa, an adopted girl discovers her talent for butter carving and finds herself pitted against an ambitious local woman in their town's annual contest.

  • Jim Field Smith
  • Michael De Luca Productions
  • Vandalia Films
  • Weinstein Company, The
Generally humble Bob Pickler has found his niche in life as a butter sculptor, handily winning the Iowa state Mastery in Butter carving championship fifteen years running. His ambitious current second wife, Laura Pickler, parlays Bob's local fame to further her own egotistical aspirations to be known as a person doing social good, her eye on the Iowa state governor's seat, and perhaps even the White House. When Bob agrees to a request by event organizers to take himself out of further competitions to allow others to have their moment of butter fame, Laura believes their life and her aspirations are shattered, as the centerpiece of what gave them renown has been taken away from them. So she decides to enter the competition herself to continue the Pickler legacy. In doing so, Laura expects to intimidate any other comers not to enter. What she doesn't expect is the entry of ten year old Destiny, a black foster child. Destiny, who doesn't even know her last name as her parentage is uncertain, has been shuttled from foster home to foster home, never finding a place where she wanted to stay and where the foster parents wanted to keep her, and in the process not finding her own place in life, she having been told that she has no talent. Concurrently, she believes she may have found both when she is placed into the home of who she considers extremely "white" Ethan and Jill, who do whatever they can, above and beyond, to make Destiny feel like she's at home. Regardless, she still believes something will happen to sour the relationship with Ethan and Jill. At the same time, she is inspired when she sees Bob's fifteenth winning butter sculpture, a life sized rendering of the Last Supper. As Destiny carves and sculpts from the heart, Laura will do whatever required to beat Destiny, even cheat. Thrown into the mix is Brooke, a bicycle riding stripper cum hooker who has her own vendetta against the Picklers, especially Laura.


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