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A friend visits his philandering friend just as that man's scheme of being secretly simultaneously engaged to three flight attendants goes awry.

American Bernard Lawrence is an International Press correspondent based in Paris, where he lives with his fiancée, British national British United air hostess Vicky Hawkins. Or is it German national Lufthansa air hostess Lise Bruner? Or is it French national Air France air hostess Jacqueline Grieux? In fact, it's all three, but none of the three know about the other two. With a master airline schedule in hand, Bernard is able to schedule time separately with each of his three fiancées in the same apartment at different times - when one is in Paris, the other two are off flying around the world. Helping Bernard is his acerbic-tongued, efficient but slightly tired live-in maid, Bertha, who has to manage three sets each of photographs, clothing (two of which are always locked up) and bed linens, and has to remember that it is Vicky who eats kidneys, Lise who eats knockwurst and Jacqueline who eats soufflés. Trouble ensues when a rival reporter acquaintance, Robert Reed, comes to Paris. Upon finding out about Bernard's personal situation, Robert blackmails Bernard, the ransom for not exposing Bernard's secret to any of the three women being being able to stay at the apartment while in Paris. But Robert sees somewhat of a good thing, as when he learns that Bernard may be relocated to New York, Robert has dreams of taking over Bernard's Paris situation. But worse for Bernard is that British United, Lufthansa and Air France have all purchased new jumbo jets making air travel faster, which in turn means a whole revamp of their respective airline schedules and the schedules of the three fiancées.


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