Netflix and Chill Button Now a Reality

In this Tinder generation, the words "Netflix and chill" have come to signify a certain significant other - or insignificant other, as a matter of fact - coming over and watching a movie or television program via Netflix as an excuse to hook up. Now that the euphemism has reached peak mindshare, Netflix - the company, itself - has packaged the idea into a do it all, one touch button, dubbed the The Switch. For all intents and purposes, though, it's really the Netflix and Chill Button.

Netflix's new switch is fairly straight to the point. Push the button and it turns on your Netflix, places your phone into Do Not Disturb mode and lowers the lights so you - and your date - are in the perfect mood, for watching a movie. The button, with that one press, can also order takeout so you aren't watching on an empty stomach. 

Unveiled at the 2015 World Maker Faire, The Switch is not yet currently available for purchase. Netflix, instead, has created a "Do It Yourself" how-to,complete with schematics and a video, so newbies can create the Netflix and Chill button for themselves. The Switch is powered through a lithium-ion polymer battery and Particle Core microcontroller that syncs via on board WiFi and an IR transmitter to any smart TV with a Netflix app. Though it's not exactly the most simple build, the whole device can be built in few hours granted some experience with assembly, APIs, and electronics in general. 

For those without that prerequisite knowledge, Netflix is luckily taking in all sorts of proposals for its next one button switch at their "Make It" website. Anyone can head over there and share their idea with the brains behind Netflix and millions of Netflix users. There is already a wide breadth of proposals ranging from the absurd to the interesting. 

One person suggests that Netflix offer positive affirmations when it can sense you're home alone on a weekend night bingeing on a television show. Another suggestion proposes that Netflix allow you to queue episodes from different TV shows to sort of create one's own network with a unique lineups for every night of the week. Another person suggests Netflix create some sort of mind reading technology so it can,in advance, have content waiting for you once it knows what mood you're in. We're probably a good few years from that. 

While these ideas have differing levels of real application, the "Netflix and Chill" button truly shows the power of crowdsourcing - the process of acquiring ideas and content from the minds and contributions of big groups of people - in our online world. The term started out as a joke in one corner of the internet, eventually becoming meme-ified and accepted jargon for a particular action. Now, it's functionally behind a real device created by the very company "Netflix and Chill" describes in the first place. Indeed, this is more than the Tinder generation we're living in. This is the connected generation.