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Two young Russian historians are going to Ukraine to take part in the reconstruction of the Lvov-Sandomierz operation in July 1944. On sight they fall into conflict with Ukrainian ...

The movie starts out with four characters, whom are seeking historical treasures, to sell off to buyers, in callusion with people whom have lots of money. As to who they functionally are, one is an ambitious young men, one a highly imposing, neo-nazi, whom lacks all apology, the next a hyper-sensitive chronic apologetic, the next a daring, lusty adventurer, and as to the last, he is an idiosyncratic, synoptic, laconic, and oblivious creeper, whom scours all known and unknown depths of knowledge for information. All members reside in conflict with one another, each wanting both the other's bounties, and all wanting their own, too. One day, after finding a prospective buyer for some old World War II relics, they come upon a competing troupe of men who are trying to steal what they had been planning to get. Full of expectations as to what they would specifically find, they, of course, see every little thing they expect to find in the dig, and decide to take it. Once they have their haul, they decide to leap into a nearby lake for a swim, where their resulting asphyxiation, and existing social connection causes them to all dream the same dream, where they are back in the year 1945, where the Storming of Berlin took place. They are all captured, whilst Nazists expect them to lie to them, but instead they play on this expectation, and decide to tell them the truth of the outcome of the war, and when they finally decide to come out of their asphyxiation, by re-emerging from the water, to very quickly recall the fact that the whole movie is a dream of the main characters, they find that their country is the same, seeing as whichever bodies were the effective group in the invasion of Berlin had defeated the mentalistically prejudiced, aggressive, misguided, ignorant Nazi forces.


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