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Holly Hayes works in her best friend Megan Snyder's Greenwich Village vintage clothing shop, while she designs jewelry on the side, that love and knowledge of jewelry something she learned from her jewelry store owner father, Sam Hayes. When Holly discovers a high end charm bracelet in the pocket of a coat donated to the store, Holly is certain that the bracelet, with many of the charms Christmas themed, was donated in error and goes on a mission to discover its owner to be able to return the bracelet hopefully before Christmas a few weeks away. Greg Matthews, a reporter for The Voice, a proverbial "fluff" magazine, wants to assist Holly in this task as he wants to use Holly as the subject for his assigned "Christmas Hero" story. Greg used to be an investigative reporter, a career he abandoned when he got fleeced on a story that took eight months of his life, the story which almost ruined the life of its subject. Holly, who earlier rebuffed Greg's personal advances in their initial chance meeting, initially resists his help in knowing both that Christmas and the actual bracelet mean nothing to him personally beyond the story, but eventually welcomes his help in coming to the realization that she has hit a wall in her own search. Despite Holly's stipulation that there is to be no personal interaction between the two in accepting Greg's help, the two start to fall for each other. The problem becomes whether their personal connection is predicated on success in their professional connection, which for Greg has the added deadline of December 23rd in a story for his Editor, Sheyla Green, who has reserved the magazine cover for this story. —Huggobased on novelchristmas romancecharm braceletchristmaschristmas market39 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenreRomanceCertificateTV-GParents guideAdd content advisory


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