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Kate and her brutish boyfriend Big Al sell handguns on the streets of New York. She's smart, stylish, and self-confident, but all that leaves her when Al, in a jealous and self-indulgent rage, beats her. Three friends encourage her recovery: Vic, a woman who would like to be Kate's lover; Reilly, who runs with Al but also is attracted to Kate and repulsed by Al's violence; and, Liz, the counselor assigned to Kate from a battered-women's program. Vic and Reilly talk about killing Al, Liz gives pep talks; Kate remains frightened. Will Al's menace and Kate's dependency hold sway? —cheatingsex in showerfemale full frontal nudityfemale nuditynew york city55 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesNobody does revenge like a woman.GenresCrimeDramaThrillerMotion Picture Rating (MPAA)Rated R for pervasive strong language including graphic sexual references, violence, sexuality and some drug useParents guide


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