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A boy is trying to find out about his family history and stumbles upon a town of lycans.

The teenager Cayden Richards lives in a small town with his parents Dean Richards and Janice Richards and is having violent nightmares. He is the quarterback of the local football team and his girlfriend Lisa Stewart is a cheerleader. After a game, Lisa decides to have sex with Cayden for the first time in the car. However he transforms into a monster and she flees from him. He goes home and finds his parents murdered. He leaves town hitchhiking while he is wanted by the police and he learns that his parents were actually stepparents. Cayden decides to find his origins and helps a prostitute at a truck stop that is assaulted by two men. Then he steals the motorcycle of one of the men and later he stops at a bar where he meets the weird Wild Joe. The stranger identifies that Cayden is a wolf and gives the direction to Lupine Ridge. Cayden arrives in a bar owned by the teenagers Angelina "Angel" Timmins and Gail Timmins and he asks for a job, telling them his name is Danny. However he is not welcomed by the locals and he leaves the bar. But a man called John Tollerman hires him to work in his farm where he lives with his wife Clara Tollerman. Soon Cayden learns that John is his uncle and his mother was raped by the local leader Connor. He also finds that he is a pure town wolf together with John, Angeline, Gail and two other inhabitants. Connor is also pure, but has formed a pack of impure wolves and has a pact with the inhabitants to leave them in peace. But he is getting old and wants to have a baby with Angelina as part of the deal. But the problem is, Cayden and Angelina have fallen in love with each other and Cayden intends to stop Connor.


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