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What To Do In Case of Fire? tells the humorous and touching story of six former creative anarchists who lived as house squatters in Berlin during its heyday in the 80s when Berlin was still...

  • Gregor Schnitzler
  • Claussen & Wöbke Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Deutsche Columbia TriStar Filmproduktion
In 1987, in Berlin, six young idealistic anarchic activists leave a handcrafted bomb in a mansion. Only thirteen years later the bomb explodes, wounding two persons. The police force, under the command of the experienced inspector Manowsky, investigate the terrorist act and go to the old apartment, where Tim and the crippled Hotte live, collecting all possible evidences, including many films. One of these films show the group making the bomb, and Hotte and Tim decide to find the former four members of their group to tell them that they may go to jail, if the investigation watch the film. Maik is a successful man working in an advertisement agency; Terror is a lawyer; Nele is a mother of two children; and Flo is a mysterious wealthy woman. The group joins force and plots a plan to retrieve the film.


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