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Life is underwhelming for Samantha Phelps when she graduates college and finds the real world isn't awaiting her arrival with open arms.

Best friends Samantha and Vicky have just graduated college, and are ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, as Vicky enters a fast-paced job in corporate public relations, Samantha finds herself in the not-so-fast moving unemployment line. Forced to break their lease and move back in with her parents, Samantha must take a minimum-wage job working for her high school nemesis, while Vicky finds herself interviewing craigslist weirdos to be her roommate. As desperation sets in, the girls turn to Dean, an old friend from high school for a potential quick fix. Willing to risk it all in the world of video piracy, Sam and Vicky's tumultuous adjustment to life after college reflects the angst of a modern generation.


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