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A wax museum owner uses his horror exhibits to unleash evil on the world.

  • Anthony Hickox
  • Vestron Pictures
  • Contemporary Films
  • HB Filmrullen
While walking to the high-school, the teenagers Sarah and China are invited by the owner of a wax museum, David Lincoln, to a private exhibition at midnight and he tells that they may invite four other friends to come with them. China invites her former boyfriend, the wealth Mark, their friend Tony and two other schoolmates to come to the museum, but the two last ones give-up. Mark, China, Sarah and Tony are welcome by a dwarf and they separate in the room during the tour. Soon Tony crosses the security rope of the display and he finds in a cabin trapped with a werewolf. China also crosses the security rope of another display and she finds in a castle with several vampires. Tony and China are killed and become part of the exhibition. Mark and Sarah leave the museum and soon they find that their friends are going missing. Mark goes to the police but Inspector Roberts does not believe in his words. Mark and Sarah find in the attic of his mansion an old newspaper and they learn a dark secret about David Lincoln. They visit Sir Wilfred, who is a friend of Mark's family, and they learn that David is near to unleash evil on Earth.


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