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  • Burt Gillett
  • David Hand
  • Production Company
  • Walt Disney Productions
  • Two frivolous pigs blow the "wolf" horn one too many times and Practical Pig ignores them. The Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Wolves capture the pigs and eventually Practical Pig manages to rescue them in nick of time with "Wolf Pacifier."

  • The two foolish little pigs think crying "wolf" on their brother is great sport. Then the real wolf comes around, with his three little wolves. He dresses as Little Bo Peep, with his sons as the sheep, and they lure the pigs into the wolf den. This time, when the pigs blow the wolf alert horn, their brother ignores it. But they get the wolf to demonstrate his lung power with the horn, and their brother comes running to demonstrate his wolf pacifier.

  • In this second sequel to Three Little Pigs (1933), the frivolous pigs blow the Practical Pig's wolf horn one too many times, and Practical Pig refuses to come when they are actually being captured by the Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Wolves. After many mishaps and gags, Practical Pig manages to save them in the nick of time with a "Wolf Pacifier."

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