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Two best friends in college Mitch and Elizabeth make a pact that if in ten years after graduation they are both not married they will marry each other. Ten years later Mitch (still single) ...

On her first day of college Elizabeth Carter met Mitch Becker and he became her best friend. For Mitch, she became the true love of his life. On their last day of college while saying goodbye Elizabeth (having had a couple of drinks) proposes a deal to Mitch. How about in ten years if we're both not married, we get married?" In Mitch's mind, "I'm engaged!" Ten years later and still single (he heard she got married years earlier which caused them to lose touch) Mitch learns from his best friend Dave that she called off the wedding. With passion back, Mitch decides to quit his job, pack a bag, drive across the country (he won't fly), find Elizabeth and follow through on her deal.


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