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In this live recording of a stage comedy, a U.K. polling station during the 2015 general election goes through the last hour of voting.

  • Josie Rourke
  • Tony Grech-Smith
  • Donmar Warehouse, The
  • Twofour Broadcast
  • Channel 4 Television Corporation
Kirsty Henderson, Laura Williams and Stephen Crosswell are clerks at a polling station in a South London school on the night of the 2015 election, dealing with a cross section of the public, such as Mrs Botchway, who falls down and is terrified people will see what she put on her slip. She is helped up by elderly Fred Norris, prompting Kirsty to recall fatalities she has known whilst on polling duty. Swedish journalist Tilde Larson arrives as Kirsty has achieved some YouTube celebrity breaking down the locked school doors when she arrived in the morning. Selfies however are strictly banned. Confusion arises when Fred is accused of voting twice though he explains that he is twin brother Joe but Laura is aghast at the apparent discrepancy leading to Kirsty involving her non-voting husband in 'rectifying' the matter. Excited if clueless first time voters, a quarrelsome couple, the school caretaker unhappy with Kirsty's vandalism, a down-trodden daughter who registered her hospitalized mother but not herself, as well as vote-chasing candidates, all pass through before the poll is closed. Mr Norris's reappearance causes more confusion and Kirsty has to account for why she voted on her neighbour's behalf, thinking she would be out of town. It has been a long day, especially for Stephen, for whom it all proves rather too much.


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