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In Manitoba, Hagar Shipley is nearing 90. She has little, she tells us, but her memories. Over several weeks, during which she runs away from her son and daughter-in-law who want to place ...

Now in the twilight of her life, Hagar Shipley née Currie currently lives with her eldest son Marvin Shipley and daughter-in-law Doris Shipley, who want, against her wishes, to place her in a nursing home. Rather than go along with their wishes, Hagar decides to go on a journey, both literally and figuratively. She runs away to her old hometown of Manawaka, Manitoba, specifically to the now abandoned and dilapidated farmhouse where she lived with her husband, Bram Shipley and their two children. Along the way, she reminisces about her less than conventional and less than trouble-free life. That trouble basically stemmed from her relationships to those in her family: her father, Jason Currie, who disowned her when she got married to Bram; Bram, who had a different outlook on what was important in life, despite the two being compatible sexually; Marvin, who she saw as an extension of his father, and thus was often the neglected child; and younger son John Shipley, who she doted upon as having the "Currie" temperament within the family but who rebelled against her in his early adulthood. In her return to Manawaka, Hagar meets a drifter named Leo, who, in reminding her of John, makes her examine her past decisions more closely.


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