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  • Dante Lam
  • Production Companies
  • Media Asia Films
  • Blue Fiction
  • The opening scene begins in a forested area lashed by heavy rain at night. Amid the thick foliage we see a sniper in camouflage perched in a tree, as he trains his sights at a hut in the forest. Beneath him is another sniper, who sees three men talking outside the hut. The scene shifts to a nearby road where a uniformed police officer, OJ (Edison Chen) was checking some parked vehicles together with his partner. They hear over the radio a description of a suspicious vehicle, and are surprised to discover it at their location. OJ touches the vehicle to see if it is warm, and looks around, spotting a hut in the distance, the same one the snipers are observing. As OJ and his partner approach the hut, the snipers spotted them. One of them, Hartman (Richie Ren) suggests assisting the officers if necessary. His partner, Shan Ge (Bowie Lam) reminds him that they are only on an observation mission and should not reveal themselves. Hartman considers action necessary as the situation has changed unexpectedly.

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