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The mysterious arrival of a foreigner to a small village in a Mediterranean island, awake the sudden interest from a diverse group of residents, who will appear unexpectedly in the ...

  • Toni Bestard
  • IB3 Televisió
  • Optim TV Audiovisual
  • Singular Audiovisual
An Irishman arrives at a small village on a Balearic Island. He takes up residence in an abandoned for sale store attracting all kinds of interest from the local population. He doesn't speak a word of Spanish which makes for many comical situations. He is befriended by an insecure boy who is overprotected and bullied by his Mother. Also a tough young gay girl takes refuge in the shop eluding the police after being caught selling drugs. A third player is an older woman who is a little dim and never catches on that the Irishman doesn't speak Spanish. The tough lesbian takes it on herself to teach him Spanish starting with rough slang words. It turns out the Irishman is looking for some closure on an accident which killed his girlfriend when after a spat she ran and fell in one of the many cave like holes that dot the forest around the town.


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