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After a series of misunderstandings, the head of an aerospace research laboratory begins to suspect his new girlfriend is a Russian spy.

While not acting as a swimming mermaid for her father's Catalina-based glass bottom tour boat business, widowed Jenny Nelson works in the PR department of NASA, primarily acting as a tour guide. Feeling like no man can fill the void left by her husband's death, she spends her personal time taking care of her menagerie of pets or taking night classes. Bruce Templeton, a research scientist on contract to NASA, enters her life in a romantic sense, despite their auspicious and antagonistic initial meeting. Bruce does whatever he can to infiltrate Jenny's life, and soon, Jenny believes she's falling in love with him. Bruce's true work for NASA is on a gravity project called GISMO, the secret equation on which enemy regimes would love to get their hands. CIA and NASA officials begin to suspect Jenny's a spy working for the Soviets, something which Bruce does not believe. The true spies working for the Soviets also begin to believe Jenny's a spy working for another enemy regime. Jenny and Bruce's relationship is threatened by these suspicions, and further threatened if Jenny was ever to learn of the deceptions Bruce used to enter her life.


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