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The story centers on a botched fish market robbery that leads to the involvement of the local police and a gangster out for revenge.

  • Terry George
  • Generator Entertainment
  • Media Pro Six
  • Menlo Park Productions
In Belfast, the criminal Mad Dog Flynn cannot have a baby with his girlfriend. The gambler Jimbo has a baby and owes five thousand dollars to Mad Dog. The gangster proposes to exchange the debt for the baby and Jimbo decides to heist the Fish Market with his friend Sox using an automatic weapon from the IRA that belongs to Sox's grandfather. Meanwhile, the American Joe Maguire flees from his wife, whose father is a powerful mobster in Boston, and comes to Belfast to run his cousin's antique business. Joe dates his neighbor Sophie (Yaya DaCosta) and notes that Jimbo is frequently staring at him on the street. The clumsy Jimbo steals a suitcase from the Fish Market without knowing that it belongs to Mad Dog. However his escape plan fails and he runs to Joe's store. However he accidentally shots his gun and the police puts the place under siege. When Jimbo tells to Joe that he might be his son, the American sympathizes with the hoodlum and decides to help him negotiating with the police.


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