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  • Walter R. Booth
  • Production Companies
  • Paul's Animatograph Works
  • Robert W. Paul

It's Christmas Eve. The miser Scrooge and his assistant Bob Cratchit finish their work in the office and go home. When Scrooge is going to open his front door, he sees the face of Marley's ghost in the door knocker. Inside he takes on his night dress, eats his supper, and falls asleep at the table. Marly's ghost shows Scrooge a vision of himself at a Christmas in the past. Then the ghost escorts him to the present Christmas, and the homes and families of Bob Cratchit and Fred, where Scrooge sees Bob and Fred drink to him in his absence. At last the ghost shows Scrooge the Christmas that might be. Here Scrooge has to face his own grave and the death of Tiny Tim. Confronted with this Scrooge regrets his callousness and egoism. —Maths Jesperson {maths.jesperson1@comhem.se}scroogeghostchristmasdoor knockermiser8 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresShortDramaFantasyHorrorParents guideAdd content advisory


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