Netflix Movies Starring Yasuo Ôtsuka

In 1951 goes to Tokyo to start a career as a cartoonist, but begins to work in the Anti-drug Department Office of Kanto Koshinetsu. During these times he was very impressed by french and soviet animation films and finally enters in 1956 in an animation studio which later will be Toei Doga, the most important animation studio in Japan. He enters in a group of pioneers under the orders of legendary Akira Daikuhara, and soon will be speciallized in the animation of action secquences. After the short film "Dream Baby" (1958), the Daikuhara team collaborate in the first colour long feature films of this company, "The White Snake Enchantress" (1958) and "Young Sasuke Sarutobi" (1959). "Prince of the Sun: The Great Adventure of Horus" (1968) was the first official collaboration of the team Ôtsuka-Kotabe-Takahata-Miyazaki and Ôtsuka's debut as animation director. Read more on iMDB