Netflix Movies Starring Wings Hauser

Wings Hauser is married to his young music and filmmaking partner, actress/filmmaker Cali Lili Hauser. Having often been compared to Richard Widmark for some of his "mean" roles, he has played a variety of equally remarkable roles in films and on TV. After a high-school career centered in sports (his name "Wings" is taken from the wing-back position he played in football), he chose to lean toward the arts - acting and music (including an album of his original music for RCA) - instead of pursuing professional sports. Having descended from an artistic and talented family, this choice was a heartfelt one. Wings is the son of writer/producer/actor Dwight Hauser, who worked on (amongst many other projects) the classic "Whistler" radio series. Son of the beautiful Geraldine Hauser, (who was the daughter of author Tom Thienes - "Whimseys" and others). Read more on iMDB