Netflix Movies Starring William Ching

6'2" blond, Ivy-League-handsome William Ching was just as skilled in the vocal as he was in the acting department but he purposely shied away from the musical film genre in fear of harming his career as a dramatic actor. Had he thought otherwise, the actor might have enjoyed the musical baritone career of a Nelson Eddy, Gordon MacRae, Howard Keel or Dan Dailey. Nevertheless, while full-out stardom proved quite elusive, he did find a modicum of post-war acting work on film and TV for nearly a decade and a half before he abandoned his career and moved successfully into real estate. Born in St. Louis, Missouri on October 2, 1913, he was christened William Brooks Ching and came from a strong English background. Studying voice as a teen, he earned jobs out of high school in theatre stock shows before gaining valuable experience as a member of a light opera company in Memphis, Tennessee. Read more on iMDB