Netflix Movies Starring Walter Alza

Canadian, Argentinean born actor Walter Alza is Trailblazer and multiple time Award winning actor/producer/director and writer Walter Alza. Some of his memorable performances can been seen on his leading and character work in films such Get Rich or Die Trying" with 50 Cent and Terrance Howard (Iron Man). Directed by Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan. (In the name of the father, In America). 2014 is looking bright Walter, he has been nominated for two Marty Awards for his work. Also he is back on the big screen; You can catch him in the feature film "He Never Died" Starring Henry Rollins. And Co Starring in the feature film Blood Empires, a dark police drama about the complexities of family, friendship, loyalty and love. Walter plays a detective Guzman alongside some of Canada's finest actors. Walter Alza is known for his knack for picking up accents-and his ability to effortlessly portray both drama and comedy. Read more on iMDB