Netflix Movies Starring Veera W. Vilo

Veera W. Vilo is a Finnish actress born in Oulu, Finland on September 22, 1990. She grew up in Espoo, on the South-Coast of Finland. In Espoo she started her musical studies at the age of 8 and her gymnastics career at the age of 9. She played trumpet for six years, 2000-2006, and she won an aesthetic group gymnastics junior World Champion with her gymnastics club Olarin Voimistelijat and team Deltat in 2005. She left her musical studies in order to concentrate even more to her gymnastics career, and won an aesthetic group gymnastics senior World Champion and a World Cup gold with the same club and team in 2008. She graduated from Haukilahti high school in 2009 and got an art stipend. She ended her gymnastics career in the same year. After her graduation and gymnastics career she wanted to pursue a career in acting. Read more on iMDB