Netflix Movies Starring Umberto D'orsi

One of the best character actor of Italian cinema, expecially in the early 60s and part of the 70s, Umberto took a degree in law in 1953 but he was active in many theaters of Italy until the early 60s, when he encountered cinema. He acted in 10-15 films every year, expecially in small part roles and in B-movies. Tall, big, he played many roles from grotesque to dramatic, for over 100 films during his career. He was best remembered for films like The Thursday (1964), Il Gaucho, The Girl from Parma (1963), La pecora nera (1968), and for his role in Complexes (1965), where he acted with Nino Manfredi. He was only 49 when he suddenly died. Read more on iMDB